Learning Support


Saint Frances Cabrini’s Learning Support Program strives to give all students the best education possible. We ensure that students in grades first through eighth with learning disabilities receive specially designed instruction that includes aids and services in the least restrictive setting in which the student is expected to make meaningful educational progress, as well as the full benefits of a Catholic education.  We are committed to providing our students with learning disabilities an education that meets their academic, spiritual, emotional, and psychological needs.

Our program serves students with learning disabilities that benefit from general education classes with modifications and/or require additional instruction in a specific academic area. A variety of instructional methods are utilized to develop academic skills, and consideration is given to each student’s learning style. Based upon each individual student’s education plan, instruction may be provided either in the general education classroom, in a special education resource room, or through a combination of both.

The learning support classes include a certified special education teacher and instructional assistant with no more than 12 students.  Educational instruction is provided consistent with the service recommendations of each individual student.  Support is primarily provided for reading, math, language arts, and organizational skills.  Instructional methodologies vary but meet student needs and goals, which are aligned with the Common Core Curriculum.   Our special education program supports the general education curriculum by consulting with the general education teacher, providing support, and collaboration in the general education classroom.

Your child’s success in the program depends on teachers, students and family working together.

Learning Support  Admission Qualifications:

1. Psycho-educational evaluation (cannot be older than 1 year)

2. Past two years of report cards

3. Recent Individualized Education Plan (IEP), if applicable

4. Any relevant health or medical records